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I found a new love for open spaces in the round. This show was a challenge, but I am proud of how this turned out! Lighting this show in a new space and trying to rig up the automated lighting, was also challenging in their own ways. This was my first time with everything Godspell. The water fountain, the "cross" getting in the way and trying to keep everyone lit in all directions was just one thing after another. But, I will say that everything turned out for the best! I used just as much up-lighting as I did with "down-lighting".

2016-08-21 14.31.26
2016-08-21 14.30.44-1
2016-08-20 20.56.20
2016-08-20 20.55.13
2016-08-22 12.07.58
2016-08-14 14.43.58-1
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